Conceptual Design and Art of the Living

Chantal Royer

Chantal Royer is a design team that focuses primarily on the reconnection of nature in our urban life, believing highly on the aesthetic & integration of the natural world to create unity between both worlds in the Art of living.

An intersection between Art & Design

Any work is initiated with thoughts about our landscape, environnement & direct experience of preserved or living flora.

We have worked on numerous projects with Interior designers, architects, for private residence as well as restaurants, cafés & hotels. Our showroom is located at Maison Pepin, there you will find the product we carefully selected & created for your Art of living.

Our work

Our practice ranges from conceptual design for businesses to Artistic installations & garden conception.

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Floral Art

Signature of Chantal Royer’s work, preserved flora art is a representation of the artistic bond with the organic world.

Conceptual Design

Our design team has worked on brand creation & image all tied with the interior design of the space created. Our practices range from commercial branding to residential work.

Collabs and Events

Over the last few years chantal royer has developed expertise in events. Using her artistic direction to lead as well as a collaborator with the botanical Art.